In The Lifted Together Community, you will gain an embracive community while you are learning the tools you need to thrive as a family. 
As part of your membership, twice a month you have the opportunity to get private coached by me so we can start creating that nurturing relationship that will benefit you and your growth.
You will all have acess to a new workshop each month. There will be downloadable worksheets to work on as you learn and apply the tools that you need as an LGBTQ mom. 
These workshops cover topics such as: Parenting with Peace, Dealing with Difficult People, Confidence in Your Decision Making, Anxiety Management, Thriving Relationships, Emotional Regulation, and more
You will also have access to the private membership community Facebook page to start creating the 1-1 connections that will create a more robust support system.
  How The Lifted Together Community Works:
-Private coaching offered bi-weekly 
-Monthly Workshops and Support Groups
-Access to all recorded calls in video form.
-Members only podcast feed for listening to all recorded calls.
-Dive into foundation courses to go deeper on topics like connection, peace, & understanding.